Lordstown Motors Shows Off Sketch Of The Endurance Pickup’s Interior Before Its June 25 Reveal

We're just a week away from the virtual reveal

Lordstown Motors Shows Off Sketches Of The Endurance Pickup's Interior Before Its June 25 Reveal
The Endurance appears to be going for a minimalist layout, but needs to deliver on technology to compete with the widening range of electric trucks coming in the next few years. [Photos: Lordstown Motors]

As we reported earlier this month, we’re closing in on the reveal date for the Lordstown Endurance truck. Now, we know June 25 is the day that’s actually set to happen, and we have a bit more information to go on over the course of the next week. This sketch gives us an idea of what the interior should look like, even if minor details are subject to change before it reaches production.

Here, the Lordstown endurance sports a solitary infotainment screen placed mostly in front of the driver, while there appears to be some switchgear on the center stack just below the display. Instead of a column shifter or console-mounted unit like we get in most conventional trucks, the Endurance also uses a push-button setup to cater toward a more minimalist approach. Because there’s little in the way of actual buttons apart from the steering wheel and either climate controls or a rotary dial to control the infotainment screen, there’s a ton of storage for passengers. That’s particularly true between the seats, where it looks like there’s a large center console and more space for cupholders, not to mention what look like fairly large pockets in the doors.

Depending on how Lordstown Motors decides to execute the infotainment layout, the steering wheel may block some critical information coming from the main display. However, the company may account for that in the final design and place most of the critical information like speed and range in the lower part of the screen, so drivers can see it through the wheel. Some models of the Lordstown Endurance may get a head-up display as well, but we’ll have to wait for more official details at the debut on that one.

We’ll get a complete picture of the Lordstown Endurance next Thursday.

What about power?

As for the powertrain, the Lordstown Endurance will be an all-electric design. From what we’ve seen so far, it should have a quad-motor, all-wheel drive layout with up to 600 horsepower. Depending on the battery size, its range could be somewhere in the 250 mile range. Depending on whether you’re using a fast charger or not, the truck should take anywhere from 30 minutes to 10 hours to charge.

We’ll know more about the Lordstown Endurance on June 25, so stay tuned for more updates! As it happens, the 2021 Ford F-150 will also debut on that day, so come back to TFLtruck.com as we’ll have a wide range of coverage on all the news of the day, including these two trucks.