This Baby Ford F-150 Raptor Is a Ford Ranger In Disguise!

Thai tuner TTN Hypersport turns Rangers into F-150 Raptors

Ford Ranger Raptor
TTN Hypersport’s Ford Ranger/Raptor build.

While the rest of the world has access to the Ford Ranger Raptor, most countries don’t get the Ford F-150 Raptor like we do here in North America. Thanks to we now know that didn’t stop TTN Hypersport in Thailand from trying to bring the F-150 Raptor overseas. They spotted these builds on the shop’s Facebook page, and they look impressive with the full Raptor front end, rear bed sections, and big bulbous fender flares.

TTN Hypersport Ranger Raptor
TTN Hypersport added flared fenders and aftermarket bumpers.

Based on the Bangkok, Thai company’s Facebook page, it looks like customers can customize their Raptor look-alikes with suspension options, wheels and tires, bumpers, and other accessories. The Facebook page features a bevy of builds and videos of the process. While we didn’t see any pricing on these rigs, or information on what engines or tunes they were running, the end results look undeniably cool. Based on the Ranger Raptor sold in Europe and Thailand (seen below), I’d even say it looks better. What do you think?

Ford Ranger Raptor
Euro-spec Ford Ranger Raptor (image: Ford)