Exclusive 2021 Ram TRX Supercharged Engine and Interior Pictures – It Will Steer Your Trailer Too (Video)

Look at the Supercharger and Shifter!

2021 ram rebel trx leaked interior
2021 Ram TRX prototype

We did not expect to see this! These exclusive spy images of a 2021 Ram Rebel TRX prototype show the big supercharged 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 engine, and never before seen images of the interior.

2021 Ram TRX

Thanks to an anonymous source, we have a clear view of the prototype truck’s center console and the transmission shifter. This TRX prototype does not use a rotary dial to change the gears. Inside the console is a very amusing ‘easter egg’. It’s an images of a TRX truck, a person, a T-Rex, and a velociraptor. All objects in this composition appear to be to scale, and it is a call out to the Raptor (Ford F-150 Raptor) as a direct competitor.

Next up is something that did not expect to see so soon. It’s a rotary dial at the bottom of the center dash section for “Trailer Steering”. This is rumored to be a system that is similar in action to the existing Ford’s ‘Pro Trailer Backup Assist’. A driver can use the knob instead of the steering wheel itself to help backup the trailer. While this TRX prototype has the knob, this feature is expected to spread across most of the Ram truck lineup.

Finally, we get a clear look under the hood at the supercharger and a new massive air intake for the powerful V8 engine. The massive central air intake suggests that the TRX truck will have some kind of hood scoop or hood vents. Most sources peg the TRX engine output at 707 horsepower, but official details are not yet available.

Check out the video below for everything we know so far about the 2021 Ram Rebel TRX.