TFLtruck’s Truck Madness Lets You Vote on the Best Off-Road Truck in 2020 (Coming May 3, 2020)

Truck Madness is where your vote counts! Let's play!

2020 off-road truck madness

TFLtruck’s 2020 #TruckMadness is coming very soon. This is where you decide on the absolute best off-road pickup truck! It’s viewer’s choice! YOUR vote determines the best off-road 2020 truck. The first episode of Truck Madness goes live this Sunday May 3, 2020 on the TFLtruck Youtube channel.

Here is how Truck Madness works. We selected the “Sweet 12”. These are the 12 newest off-road trucks of all sizes from every manufacturer that sells pickups in the United States. The 12 trucks are seeded using TFL’s Off-Road Index or ORI.  We provide the brackets, match-ups, but you decide which truck wins.  Will the Ford Raptor run away with the win? We don’t know, the voting results could hold some unexpected upsets!

All voting will be done using the TFLtruck Youtube Community page. It’s transparent. You see all the instant results that we see as well.

This is going to be fun! Check out the promo!

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