New Rivian R1T Electric Truck: Here Is What It Takes To Build and Test a Prototype (Behind the Scenes Video)

You Can See the Chassis and Some Testing Procedures.

Rivian R1T being tested remotely – from an engineer’s home.
(Images: Rivian)

Rivian trucks is taking social distancing seriously

Rivian trucks are being tested, right now, all the time, even if the technicians aren’t on location to do so. Right now, software engineers are able to connect with each other away from the testing facility. One of the engineers can control diagnostic settings and stream real-time data to his teammates. He’s able to adjust the diagnostic settings and stream the real-time data as well.

This, directly from Rivian’s blog:

“We build our vehicles to withstand the shocks and stresses of any adventure, and our organization is no different. In the midst of adjusting to the pandemic, our vehicle development continues making progress.” – – Rivian

The image above shows a test vehicle being put through extensive suspension and platform stress testing. All of the data is being sent to engineers who are at home. Sure, it’s not as good as being there, but the data is important and allows engineers to gather information remotely.

“From 2,500 miles across the country, Pete devised a way to remotely control diagnostic settings and stream real-time data into his computer. Under normal circumstances, he would be at the controls in person. But with the ability to dial in whatever settings he wants from home, he was able to collect the hard data and move the program forward. ” – – Rivian

By giving the public and media excellent access to the behind-the-scenes blogs and images like this, Rivian is setting an example of top notch communications skills. Not only that, they have something free for the family! By clicking (here) you can get your very own free Rivian coloring book.

We’re printing one for Tommy soon.

While the current situation is extraordinarily hard on all of us, it’s gratifying to see such steps being taken by an automaker. Now, if we can just get our greedy paws on one of these trucks soon!

Check out their blog video below!

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