Tesla’s Base Cybertruck Begins At $39,900 — But New Data Shows You All Are Willing To Pay Way More Than That

Most buyers seem to be opting for the Dual Motor, putting the average order price in the mid-$60,000 range

There’s no escaping it — the Tesla Cybertruck is a contentious entry to the truck world. But, if it does actually launch on schedule and maintains the pricing structure CEO Elon Musk laid out at its reveal last November, the $39,900 starting price is a tempting offer — or so you’d think. Mind you, that is the basement-level entry price, and we all know almost no one pays the starting MSRP on any new vehicle. Let alone a potential game-changer that the Cybertruck promises to be.

According to members of the CybertruckTalk forums, those of you who put a reservation down on the Cybertruck aren’t paying anywhere close to that $40,000 figure. In fact, crowdsourced data among 1,800 Tesla enthusiasts show the Average Transaction Price (ATP) for the truck to be nearly 60 percent higher than the starting price for a single-motor model.

Cheap and cheerful? Nah, not with Tesla

According to CyberTruckTalk, the ATP for the Cybertruck is actually $62,554. That’s about the same price as any of the higher-end half-ton trucks like the Ford F-150 Platinum, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 High Country or Ram 1500 Limited. Granted, I’m keenly aware that’s not an apples-to-apples comparison, since the Tesla Cybertruck may end up in the same class as heavy duty trucks, and its electric motors promise to offer substantial performance, on top of producing no emissions. Dollar for dollar, though, those are the same sorts of conventional trucks you can get for the same amount people are prepared to put down on a Cybertruck.

The forum broke down ATP by each individual model as well, as the range breaks down into three versions. There’s the least expensive, rear-wheel drive Single Motor model for $39,900 and up. That’s followed by the all-wheel drive Dual Motor version starting at $49,900, and the even more powerful, most expensive Tri Motor model topping out the range at $69,900 before options. Here’s how the ATP broke down for each:

  • Single Motor ATP: $44,012
  • Dual Motor ATP: $54,446
  • Tri Motor ATP: $75,448

Full Self Driving drives up the cost

CyberTruckTalk does not specifically mention how many people opted for each version. However, data we’ve seen in the past suggests most people are landing right in the middle with the Dual Motor model, and that correlates to the trim levels on conventional trucks most people buy.

Tesla largely forgoes the vast range of options other truck brands have, but one feature that drives up the ATP is the company’s Full Self Driving option. It’s a $7,000 premium for any Cybertruck, but the data shows most buyers are opting for it. Here’s a breakdown of what percentage of buyers, within each specific version, are going for Full Self Driving:

  • Single Motor buyers w/ FSD option: 58.74%
  • Dual Motor buyers w/ FSD option: 64.94%
  • Tri Motor buyers w/ FSD option: 79.25%

It stands to reason most buyers getting in on the lower end would skip such an expensive option. However, some may be opting for FSD over, say, upgrading to the Dual Motor model instead. On the other end, those who are already spending a large chunk of money on the Tri Motor are picking up FSD, as it’s not that much more compared to the truck’s base price (about another 10%).

These numbers paint an interesting picture of the Cybertruck buyer, but it’s always worth taking the figures with a grain of salt. This data comes from Tesla enthusiasts among the CyberTruckTalk community, and does not come from the company itself. Still, a sample size of 1,800 members is large enough to draw some believable estimates. To date, Tesla has yet to officially release reservation breakdowns on model — and they may never do so. Reservations are always subject to change, as well, especially given the low $100 bar to place your reservation on a new Cybertruck in the first place.

While we inch closer to the Cybertruck launch, check out more below and let us know what you think about this information in the comments.