Fuel Is Cheap and Getting Cheaper! National Average & Local Prices Are Dropping Below $2.00

Texas and nine other states average below two bucks per gallon.

All the reasons for falling fuel prices in the United States are complicated to think about, but it is a welcome small ray of sunshine during a very difficult time in the world.

Here are the latest gas and diesel fuel prices according to the AAA data. The latest national regular gasoline price is $2.196 as of March 19, 2020. This is lower than it has been in many months. Many states (at least 10) have average fuel prices below $2.00. This includes the state of Texas, which averaged at $1.96 as of March 16, 2020. Texas is home to a lion’s share of pickup truck sales. The latest low fuel prices could bring even more big trucks into the mix.

2020 march fuel usa price diesel gas

Current National average diesel price is $2.710. This is significantly higher than regular unleaded, but it is less than premium gasoline which sits at $2.836.