Will The New Toyota Tundra And Tacoma Use Turbo Power? Sources Say Yes!

2021 toyota tundra prototype
2022 Toyota Tundra prototype? (Image: TFLtruck)

Toyota Tundra and Tacoma news:

According to sources, it looks like rumors about the new Toyota Tundra and Tacoma using a turbo could be legitimate. Granted, they are two very different power plants. Toyota hasn’t confirmed any of this, so please take this information with a grain of salt.

The 2022 Toyota Tundra (which may debut in December of 2021) is rumored to get a twin-turbocharged V6 hybrid. This could be an optional power-plant. This turbo-hybrid rumor has been around for a while. Some speculate that Toyota will work to phase out the V8 altogether, in the near future.

You can read more about that (here).

Other sources, Motor1.com and gearpatrol.com

There could be a new Tacoma by 2024.

Sources say that the Toyota Tacoma may add a turbocharged four-cylinder engine to the mix. This could be an answer to Nissan’s more powerful new Frontier V6. Toyota does have a 2-liter turbocharged engine that puts out 241 horsepower and 258 lbs-feet of torque in its inventory. Perhaps, upping the output to 300+ hp may be possible.

It’s hinted that the Hilux and Tacoma could be based on the same platform in the near future as well. Several sources says that they may be one multi-configurable platform (frame) that Toyota is switching to in the future.

(Image: Toyota)

TNGA-F platform?

There is a possibility that the next truck platform, many are calling the TNGA-F platform may be modular. This high-tech platform may be highly adjustable. It could underpin nearly every “truck” Toyota builds for our market. Yes, that could include the 4Runner, Sequoia (which may have new versions in 2022 and/or ’23). It could even the future Land Cruiser as well.

Speaking of the Land Cruiser…

In the near future, sources say the Toyota Land Cruiser will be simplified. It may be lightened (by removal of the third-row seats) and turned into an even more off-road-worthy vehicle. If that is the case, they may lower its starting price as well.

Once again, I want to emphasise that these statements are based on informed, yet unconfirmed opinions and statements. If you have any additional Toyota truck rumored information we may have missed, please let us know!

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