Will the New Rivian Amazon Delivery Van Be The Next American Icon? Here is the Back Story

Here is what it takes to build an electric delivery van.

2022 rivian amazon delivery van electric
Rivian Amazon Electric Delivery Van

Not much has been known about the upcoming Amazon electric delivery van built by Rivian Motors, until this week as Amazon releases this short video and additional information. Will this future delivery vehicle become the next American icon next to the original New York Checker Cab and many others? Here is what we know so far.

Amazon and Rivian made an initial announcement in September 2019 of their plan to put 100,000 new all-electric delivery vehicles on the roads by 2024. The two companies expect the first Rivian vans to reach the Amazon fleet in 2021.

While the news video you see below does not provide any specific technical specifications for this new van, it provides a glimpse into the development process behind it. Rivian designers worked closely with Amazon to create a vehicle that provides all of the utility and ease of use required for package delivery. We still do not know the driving range, charging capability, front or rear drive, and most of the dimensions.

It’s not just about this new van being powered by electricity. It’s about creating a vehicle that has a lot of interior cargo volume and makes package delivery and vehicle operation efficient and easy. Having a low profile battery pack and compact electric motor(s) helps to achieve these goals.

Some of the exterior and interior designs shown in this video make this delivery van look like a luxury vehicle, and not simply a utilitarian commercial vehicle.

Most of the dash and interior designs show two large digital screens and a large dashboard that could make any motorhome or pickup truck driver feel good. Will Rivian take some of these designs and also produce a #vanlife motorhome? We will have to wait and see.

Rivian is also working on producing the R1T pickup truck and the R1S SUV with deliveries planned to begin at the end of 2020. Rivian is also working with Ford to build the next all-electric F-150 truck and a luxurious Lincoln SUV.