The 2022 Nikola Badger Is The Newest Electric Off-Road Truck on the Scene with Up To 600 Miles of Range (News)

600 miles of range and 8,000 lbs of towing capacity?

2022 nikola badger 4x4 ford raptor electric truck pickup
Nikola Badger 4×4

There is another all-new all-electric pickup on the scene. It’s called the Nikola Badger, and Nikola is saying that it will go into production within two years.

2022 Nikola Badger

The Nikola pickup truck is said to have 906 peak horsepower and 980 lb-ft of torque. It’s connected to an Independent Wheel Drive (IWD) 4×4 system and has a towing capacity of 8,000 lbs.

Nikola also stated the 0-60 MPH acceleration time of 2.9 seconds. It’s still unclear whether Nikola is planning to use two, three, or four electric motors to accomplish the maximum power, acceleration, and/or towing capability.

Nikola also did not release pricing or additional off-road specifications, but said that the Badger will have its official debut in September 2020 in Arizona at the annual Nikola World 2020 event.

Here is another breakdown of how the new Badger compares to the upcoming GMC Hummer EV, Tesla Cybertruck, and the rest.