Semi Truck RV or Tour Bus? One Of These $600,000+ Motor Homes Is the Ultimate Land Yacht! (Video)

One can tow twice as much as the other.

2020 transwest newmar supreme super c bus motor home

Which one is the ultimate motor home? I check compare an all-new 2020 Newmar Supreme Aire (Super C) motor coach which is based on a semi truck to a 2020 Newmar Mountain Aire – the bus! One of these $600,000+ motor homes is the ultimate land yacht.

Big thanks to our friends at Transwest for providing the two coaches for this comparison.

Semi Truck RV – Super C

This giant 45-foot long luxury coach is based on a Freightliner chassis. Under the hood is a Detroit Diesel (DD13) with a rating of 505 hp and 1,850 lb-ft of torque. The engine is in the front, and the cabin would be very familiar to you if you have driven any semi truck in the past.

This coach has every luxury home feature you can imagine: kitchen, living room, bedroom with a king size bed, bathroom, three TVs, storage, and more.

The big benefit of a Super C semi-truck RV is its massive 30,000 lbs trailer towing capacity. Since the engine is in the front, it’s able to get plenty of air to cool down the massive engine and provide solid power to pull a very heavy load.

Tour Bus RV – Class A

This is more of a traditional motor home. It has many of the same creature comforts as the Super C, but a little more interior space and at least one more TV for a total of four.

It’s a “diesel pusher”, which means the big Cummins turbo-diesel is mounted in the back. The power is rated at 500 hp and 1,695 lb-ft of torque. The engine produces plenty of power, but “the bus” is rated to tow a maximum of 15,000 lbs (half of the Super C). It’s not as easy to cool that giant engine in the back when the trailer is also back there. The Supremer Aire (Super C) wins the trailer towing battle without a question.

Still, the Newmar Mountain Aire has a couple of other benefits over the Supreme Aire. It can make a much shorter turn thanks to a rear “tag axle” steering system. It is also a bit more relaxed to drive, in my opinon.

The Mountain Aire “bus” you see here is approximately $70,000 more expensive than the the Supreme Aire. If you plan to tow a large trailer with your RV, the Supreme Aire is a fine choice. However, I would choose the Mountain Aire in this comparison because it’s a little easier to drive and it offers a little more space.