Look Ma, No Hands! Watch The 2020 Ford Super Duty’s Towing Tech In Action (Video)

Trailer Backup Assist for the 5th wheel, Cameras, 10-Speed, and more.

The new 2020 Ford Super Duty offers many driver assistance technologies that help the driver backup a trailer, see around the truck & trailer, and pull confidently up and down a mountain highway.

2020 Ford Super Duty

The Ford F-150 and Ford Expedition have been equipped with optional trailer backup assist technology for a couple of years, but it is the first time the technology comes to the Super Duty trucks. It allows the driver to use a small steering knob to help back up a conventional or a 5th-wheel/gooseneck trailer as well.

In this video, I go over the newest towing technology on the truck that also includes all of the camera views (including behind the trailer). I also take a 5th-wheel camping trailer on a mountain highway loop to see how the new diesel and 10-speed automatic transmission deal with a 5-6% grade while towing a large profile trailer.