Can You Fully Charge an Electric Truck in 15 Minutes and Add 500 Miles of Range? Atlis Says – Yes (Chassis Debut)

The public and the press get a first personal look.

2022 atlis el;ectric truck xt chassis
Atlis XT (photo: TFLtruck)

Editor’s note: this report was submitted by special reporter – Gary Scott. Gary attended an Atlis public event this week.

Atlis just moved into their new industrial park facility in Mesa, Arizona the day before this introduction event. The event is called “Atlis Battery Day”.

The key to their technology is their battery design that they promise will deliver unprecedented fast charging capability – up to a 500-mile charge in 15 minutes.  Their battery pack is also modular coming in several capacities from a 300 mile range up to that 500-mile range and is designed so it can be changed relatively quickly when the proper equipment to handle up to 4,000 lbs is available.

Yes, the battery weighs up to 4,000 lbs.

Their battery uses a welded copper plate, PCBA management and interconnect systems on top eliminating the need for internal electrical cables. Every cell is submerged in a dielectric fluid solution and incorporates a highly efficient thermal management construction to ensure temperatures are kept in check.

They not only have to invent a battery capable of charging quickly, they have to invent a 1.5 Mega Watt charging system that was as easy or easier to use than a Tesla 225 to 250 kW charging station.

The company displayed a “skateboard” prototype chassis on hand that appeared to offer no significant obvious advantages to similar electric trucks currently being developed using inboard electric motors and half-shafts. The high-level lay out is similar to that of a Rivian R1T pickup truck.

CEO, Mark Hanchett, took time to explain more about the chassis design. It turns out that the entire vehicle is modular with an emphasis on easy maintenance. This could make it stand out from the rest.

The most unusual aspect of the prototype is the height of the frame rails enclosing the battery pack. These rails are approximately 14 inches tall.  It is so thick that it would raise the cabin several inches higher than most competitive vehicles.

Atlis started out in Mark Hanchett’s garage with 5 other individuals.  Their philosophy is to build a superior vehicle for those who do physical work and they determined early-on that the key to success was improving battery technology.

Their goal for the vehicle itself is to make it tough, efficient and affordable – a suitable vehicle for the commercial market.

This solution utilizes both different chemistry and a unique cell design that can operate efficiently in a broad range of temperatures.

Their goal is to have a production rolling chassis available within a year and beginning with modest production and growing in a deliberate fashion from there.

Here is a quick look of the Atlis facility.

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