Behind the Scenes of NASCAR! Take a Look Inside the Big Rig that Hauls BlueDEF #14 Race Cars (Video)

This truck is 80,000 lbs of racing!

Here is an exclusive look inside a PeterBilt big rig that does around 60,000 miles per year to get a racing team to the next location on time. This Peterbilt is powered by a 600 horsepower Cummins diesel with a 18-speed manual transmission. It’s polished and clean, but the trailer is what matters the most here. It’s hauling a giant double-decker trailer with two race cars and all the parts and gear for a successful race.

In this case, it’s the BlueDEF #14 NASCAR Cup Series car driven by Clint Bowyer. This special look comes to you from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway thanks to PEAK Coolant.

The 53-foot trailer has everything a team needs to run one car in the race, the second car that is stored in the top is a spare car. The spare car does not have an engine in it, but a spare engine can be installed by the team in about 1 hour.

The trailer’s tandem axles have a 10-foot spread which makes turning the rig a challenge, but the rear-most trailer axle can be lifted up a bit by hitting a switch in the cab by dumping the air from the suspension. This makes turning this big rig easier.

Check out an insider look video at TFLtruck Facebook Page.