Ram Outsells the Chevy Silverado and Other Truck Surprises! Best and Worst Selling Trucks of 2019 (Sales Report)

The full-size segment sales grew in 2019!

ford f-series truck
Full-size truck sales report (2019)

The last round of sales figures for 2019 are rolling in, and it’s time to see who rounded out the decade on a high note, and where buyers chose to put their hard-earned money in 2019.

While the Ford F-series trucks remain on top of the segment, but the sales decreased. Many other trucks also declined in sales for the year.

YTD 2019 #YTD 2019/2018 %
Ford F-Series + SD896,526-1.4%
Ram + HD633,69418.0%
Chevy Silverado + HD570,639-2.5%
GMC Sierra + HD232,3235.8%
Toyota Tundra111,673-5.6%
Nissan Titan + XD31,514-37.5%

The Ram trucks had a very impressive year with a massive 18.0% improvement over 2018. Having this type of double-digit sales growth is made more impressive considering how brand loyal truck buyers usually are.

Which Chevrolet Silverado declined in overall sales when compared to 2018, the GMC Sierra grew by a considerable 5.8%. The worker union strike did not help sales for any of the GM vehicles, and their truck sales were also likely affected by this.

When you combine the Chevy Silverado (excluding the the medium duty 4500/5500/6500 trucks) and the GMC Sierra 2019 sales, the total number of GM full-size trucks sold is 802,962.

What about total pickup truck supremacy?

  • Ford F-Series + Ranger: 986,097 trucks
  • GM Silverado + Sierra + Colorado + Canyon: 958,091 trucks

When you combine the overall annual United States sales in 2018 for the F-Series, Ram, Silverado, Sierra, Tundra, and Titan – the total number is: 2,420,156 trucks.

The total United States full-size truck sales volume (including heavy duty pickup trucks) in 2019 is: 2,476,369 trucks.

The overall full-size truck segment grew by approximately 2.3% in 2019.

Here is how all of the latest full-size 1500 trucks stack up against each other.

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