Here’s How You Build A New Ford F-550 4×4 Into A Firefighting Brush Truck! (Video)

This 4x4 brush fire truck can get on the scene quicker than most.

2019 ford f550 fire truck general body

These lifted 4×4 brush trucks are becoming more and more popular across the country and across the world. This fire fighting machine is based on a 2019 Ford F-550 chassis and outfitted by the General Truck Body in Houston, TX.

Ford F-550 Fire Truck

This particular truck is a super cab (aka. extended cab). It started life as a F-550 dually, but this fire truck has a custom suspension lift, coil rear suspension, and beefy 41-inch tall off-road tires (super singles). Super single tires are heavy load rated tires, and these are also meant for off-roading.

The 6.7-liter turbo-diesel V8 engine and the automatic transmission remain in tact and unmodified. The front of the truck features a giant steel customized bumper that houses lights, PA/siren speaker system, water mist system, and a remote controlled water canon. There is also a front-mounted hitch receiver that can house a winch.

The water canon can be controlled from within the cab, and it has a thermal imaging camera mounted. The thermal imaging helps fire fighters find “hot spots” or monitor surrounding temperatures.

In the back is a customized General Truck Body 9-foot bed system with storage boxes and a 500 gallon tank in the middle. This truck is capable of hauling a lot of weight when fully loaded with water, foam, tools, and all accessories. In the back there is also a giant slide-out tray.

Check out all of the details and see the truck up close in the video below.