Another Russian Tesla Cybertruck Clone is just About Complete – It’s Military Grade

The old UAZ military SUV never looked so long.

(photo: Garage54)

Built on what appears to be a stretched UAZ-469 platform, this Russian-built Tesla Cybertruck clone is not exactly an EV. The donor UAZ was cut in half and stretched a significant distance to meet the rough dimensions of the Cybertruck. From what it appears, it is basically a 2.5 or 2.7-liter gas four-cylinder hooked up to a two-speed transfer case.

This clone is a Garage 54 project. Check them out.

The body was framed by using tube steel and angle iron. Though, we can’t say for sure what this beast weighs.

Doors appear to be coming later on. For now, the host stated that he wants this vehicle functional first. It begs the question, “how do they get in to drive it?” It’s possible, like the other Russian garage that built a Cybertruck clone (you can read about this here), they may enter through the rear cargo area.

While a majority of the clone looks close to the original, there’s something about the roof design (and the heaps of rust) that look a bit off. There’s something to be said about the performance of this clone as well. The engine we suspect they used has less than 120 horsepower… lugging a truck that could weigh as much as a heavy duty pickup truck.

In this video, the fun guys at 54 Garage in Russia go from hacking to building up a Tesla Cybertruck clone. Sadly, it may not be quite as environmentally friendly as the original.

Nathan Adlen
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