Ram Rebel 21,000 Miles One-Year Update: Everything That Broke and All That Went Right (Video)

The good, the bad, and the broken!

How does a 2019 Ram Rebel hold up after nearly 21,000 miles and one year of torturous work and off-road adventures? Here is our long-term one year update on everything that was good, bad, and broken.

2019 Ram Rebel

We purchased a 2019 Ram Rebel crew cab 4×4 with the V8 eTorque mild hybrid system at the end of 2018. We had several reasons for this long-term truck test purchase. The Ram 1500 was all-new, as was the eTorque mild hybrid system. The goal was to test the efficiency and reliability of the latest power train.

The Good

We had a lot of good times with the truck, including many Ike Gauntlet towing tests and comparisons. This off-road truck showed that it can also tow a heavy trailer with the best of them.

We took the truck on many off-road trips in Moab, Utah and the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Once again, the truck was a comfortable road-trip machine and a capable off-roader.

We also turned it into a fun Rebel Rouser project using Mopar performance parts, Falcon suspension, Toyo tires, LINEX, Truck Gear, and much more.

The Bad

The main bad aspect of owning the truck was its real-world fuel economy and a small fuel tank. We never saw 22 MPG on the highway or 19 MPG combined as the EPA economy estimates suggest for a Ram 1500 4×4.

We tested the truck at least three times on long fuel economy loops and averaged between 17.5 – 19.2 MPG on the highway. This was in the winter and in the summer. This was with the stock Rebel and the modified Rebel Rouser.

The Broken

The truck saw several minor recalls that were taken care of at the dealership. We completed the battery terminal and the adjustable pedals recalls. The 7-pin trailer wiring connector gave us problems, and it was also eventually replaced that solved the intermittent wiring issues.

Finally, we had a front drive shaft failure on a difficult Cliffhanger 2.0 off-road trail. This was also taken care of under warranty.