Iveco Invests $250 Million into Nikola Electric Trucks – This Tre Semi Is the Result

There are hydrogen fuel-cell and EV options.

The Iveco and Nikola Tre (Photo: CNH Industrial)

Iveco and Nikola?

CNH Industrial’s truck division is Iveco, a recognized worldwide truck brand. Recently, CNH acquired a $250 million stake in Nikola. Nikola is an Arizona-based EV startup that’s focused on EV/hydrogen fuel cell truck technology.

Iveco is an Italian industrial and agricultural truck manufacturing company based in Turin, Italy. At the beginning of 2021, CNH will begin listing Iveco as a separate company. Currently, Iveco operates 28,000 trucks and buses with natural gas engines.

Nikola designed two main powertrains to be used in semi trucks. One is a full EV and the other is a hydrogen fuel cell with a reported range between 800 and 1,200 miles.. Nikola wants to build 364 hydrogen stations across the United States.

“Just three months after we signed our partnership we have been able to deliver this prototype, just imagine what we’ll do in the next three years,” Nikola founder and Chief Executive Trevor Milton said late on Monday at a dinner in Turin, where Iveco is based. – – CNH Industrial

“We’ll be sold out for many years,” Nicola founder and Chief Executive Trevor Milton said at the presentation of the truck.

There are actually three different trucks built on the Nikola platform: the One – which is a day cab truck. The Nikola Two is a sleeper cab and the and Tre which is a heavy-duty truck.

While the United States’ carbon emissions standards are currently in flux, they are etched in stone for Europe. European truck makers must cut carbon dioxide emissions by 15% from 2025. That number doubles to 30% by 2030. That is one of the reasons for the partnership.

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