Which is the Best New Heavy Duty 4×4 Truck? 2020 Ford Tremor vs Ram Power Wagon vs GMC HD AT4 – By the Numbers!

Tremor vs Power Wagon vs AT4

Which one of these brand new heavy duty trucks is the best (Ford Super Duty Tremor vs Ram Power Wagon vs GMC Sierra HD AT4) as far as their off-road gear and specs are concerned?

The world of specialty off-road HD trucks is expanding with the introduction of the 2020 Ford Tremor and the 2020 GMC Sierra HD AT4 trucks. These are trucks from the factory that have lots of specialty gear to be very off-road worthy.

Here are all the numbers and off-road gear for comparison.

Ford TremorGMC HD AT4Ram Power Wagon
Tires:35-in Goodyear Duratrac34-in Goodyear TrailRunner33-in Goodyear Duratrac
Ground Clearance:10.8 in10.12 in14.2 in* / 9.0 in
Approach Angle:31.65 deg24.9 deg29.4 deg
Breakover Angle:TBD18.7 deg22.0 deg
Departure Angle:24.51 deg21.9 deg26.0 deg
Crawl Ratio:Gas: 53:1, Diesel: 44:1Gas: 40.7:1, Diesel: 42:1Gas: 51:1
RTI score: 436365538
LockersF: LSD, R: SelectableF: Open, R: Mech/G80F: Selectable, R: Selectable

*Ram Power Wagon listed ground clearance of 14.2 inches is not to the lowest axle differential point. The rear axle differential ground clearance is closer to 9 inches.

As the numbers show, the Ram Power Wagon still comes out on top in many categories. However, the new Ford Super Duty Tremor has the best approach angle and the best 7.3L gas V8 engine crawl ratio.

In the end, the Power Wagon is still the only factory truck with an available winch, which is a new Warn 12K with a synthetic cable.

We cannot discuss the actual off-road performance of the Ford Tremor until later in January 2020. Please stay tuned for many more real world on-road and off-road tests of all of these trucks to determine which comes out on top.