Tesla Cybertruck vs. Ford F-150 vs Rivian R1T: Did Tesla Get It Right? Here Is How They Compare

They are surprisingly close!

Say what you will about the way the new Tesla Cybertruck looks, but how does it compare against other trucks based on specifications and capabilities? Here are all the most important numbers on how it compares against the Ford F-150 and the upcoming Rivian R1T.

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Why compare the Cybertruck against the F-150 and the R1T.

Ford F-150

2019 Ford F-150 Raptor

The Ford F-150 is the most popular vehicle sold in the United States. It represents the standard for what people look for in a full-size pickup truck.

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, mentioned the F-150 in his pickup truck debut presentation several times and even showed a Ford truck being dragged by the Cybertruck in a tug of war.

We reached out to Ford for any comment, and here is what we received from a Ford spokesperson: “With America’s best-selling truck for 42 years, we’ve always focused on serving our truck customers regardless of what others say or do. We look forward to our all-new F-150 hybrid coming next year and all-electric F-150 in a few years.

We reached out to all major full-size truck manufacturers in the United States – no other company had any further formal comments on the Tesla Cybertruck.

Rivian R1T

2021 riven r1t pickup truck electric ev
Rivian R1T (photo: Rivian)

Rivian is a new company with a goal to produce electric vehicles. They are targeting the first sale of the R1T to be at the very end of 2020. Rivian has received several infusions of capital from companies such as Amazon and Ford. Rivian appears to be on track to deliver the vehicles they set out to build, and their truck’s specifications are very close to those of the Cybertruck.

Here is how the numbers stack up.

Tesla CybertruckFord F-150Rivian R1T
Max Towing:14,000 lbs13,200 lbs11,000 lbs
Max Payload:3,500 lbs3,270 lbsTBD
Starting Price:$39,900$40,785$69,000
Cost to Own/Lease:$570/mo*$700/mo*TBD
Driving Range:250-500 mi500+ mi250-400 mi
Total Length:231.7 in231.9 in217.1 in
Total Width:79.8 in79.9 in79.3 in
Approach Angle:35 deg30.2 deg**34 deg
Breakover Angle:TBD21.8 deg**25 deg
Departure Angle:28 deg23.0 deg**30 deg
Ground Clearance:16 in11.5 in**14.1 in
Availability:“late 2021”now“late 2020”

*Estimates by Tesla based on initial vehicle cost, fuel/energy cost, and maintenance costs.

**Ford F-150 Raptor specification.

As you compare all of the specifications, you will notice that these three trucks are sized very close to each other. The Cybertruck and the F-150 are within a fraction of an inch within each other. Most specifications are very close, and the Cybertruck comes out on top in most categories on paper.

We will have to see what this all means in the real world. You can be sure that we will be testing the Rivian and all the other new trucks as soon as they come out.