Here Is What It’s Like To Ride In the Tesla Cybertruck: Interior Specs (Video)

Here is how the interior looks and feels.

As we take time to digest all of the Tesla Cybertruck information, here is what it’s like to go for a ride in the truck. Roman has the opportunity to get into the shotgun seat and learn more about the truck.

The truck has a three in the front and three in the back configuration. The middle front seat folds down into a console that also has three cup holders. This design is similar to many existing full-size and heavy duty trucks.

The rear seat is surprisingly roomy, according to a passenger who claimed to be 6’5” tall. The passenger commented on plentiful legroom, but did not mention headroom. You would think the triangular sloping roofline would cut the rear headroom, but the guys there seemed to fit.

The Cybertruck has a rearview camera mirror in the center, and no exterior mirrors on the sides. The production version will likely have side mirrors as there are government regulations that require it, and this is not likely to change soon.

The truck has a powered sliding rear tonneau cover and a tall rear end. As such, it has to have a rearview camera mirror. Otherwise, it would be nearly impossible see behind the truck.

The rectangular “race-car like” steering wheel does not have many other buttons or controls on it. As it is typical for a Tesla vehicle, most of the interaction with the truck is done via a new 17-inch center infotainment screen. The dash is also very rectangular and appears to be made out of a man-made kitchen countertop material. We did not notice a provision for airbags on this prototype.

The truck does have a separate switch for roof-mounted “off-road” lights. Tesla says the truck has up to 16 inches of ground clearance, and highly competitive approach and departure angles (35 deg front & 28 deg rear). The breakover angle was not initially listed, but the truck’s wheelbase is very long.

Does the Cybertruck have rear-wheel-steering? We do not know this for sure yet, but the truck turned around within a four-lane city street with apparent ease.