Will Ford Ranger Be a Convertible Truck in the Future with a Lightweight Removable Top?

Can you imagine a convertible Ranger?

We reported recently on Ford’s ambitious plans to (possibly) allow the upcoming Bronco to remove doors, mirrors and roofs. What we weren’t expecting was a patent to hit the net (thanks to Ford Authority) that appears to feature a Ford Ranger with a removable roof.

This is listed as patent US 2019 291 552 A1 and was officially published on September 26 2019, but get this – it was filed for on March 23 2018.

These patent illustrations leave us with more questions than answers. One thing that makes sense is the speculation by Ford Authority that the truck pictured is indeed a Ranger. It makes sense based on what we already confirmed about the upcoming Bronco.

We think it’s based on the Ranger’s platform.

We don’t have much more information other than that. Just because a patent has been applied for, doesn’t mean it’s definitely heading for production. Still, how exciting would it be if Ford was truly challenging Jeep?

Image: Fordauthority.com

There appear to be latches that connect to the rear lower bulkhead. There may be hinges too, its hard to tell. This image also shows the latches to the roof’s forward section.

Image: Fordauthority.com

Let us know what you think about these cutaway drawings.

Image: Fordauthority.com

Remember: Ford wants the components light enough and simple enough for one person to remove. That is something that the Gladiator’s hardtop main component cannot do.

Image: Fordauthority.com

This top looks like a base unit as it is devoid of the rear sliding glass window.

Image: Fordauthority.com

It would be interesting that “IF” this removable hardtop was actually meant for production, whether or not Ford intended it for both the super cab and super crew cab configurations.

Image: Fordauthority.com

If you’re asking about “Figure 9” – it appears that the pattens office was happy to use “Figure 8” twice.

We want your perceptive on this. Would you buy a truck with a removable hard top? Would you buy a convertible Ford Ranger? Remember the Dodge Dakota Shelby convertible?

Speaking of the Ford Bronco…

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