Leaked 2020 Ford Super Duty Order Guide Reveals a Crazy High and Class Leading Towing Weight Rating (News)

The maximum gross combined weight rating is over 45,000 lbs!

2020 ford super duty f250 f350 f450 diesel
2020 Ford Super Duty (F-250, F-350, and F-450)

The updated 2020 Ford Super Duty order guide is leaked slightly ahead of official ordering process. It shows a lot of detail, and one crazy high Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) for a 2020 F-450 2WD truck.

2020 Ford Super Duty

The leaked order guide lists a 2020 Ford F-450 regular cab 2WD at a GCWR of 45,300 lbs. This configuration lists the truck with a 4.30 rear axle ratio and a maximum trailering package. If this number becomes official, then it is a class-leading weight capability for ‘class 3’ HD pickup trucks for 2019/2020 model year.

A similarly configured 2019 Ford F-450 is currently officially rated at GCWR of 43,300 lbs. This points to a 2,000 lbs increase in maximum weight capability. It may not reflect an increase in payload, but it does point the way to a greater maximum trailer towing capability for the 2020 trucks.

Ford rates their F-350 and F-450 truck in the ‘class 3’ category with a maximum Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 14,000 lbs.

Here is how this compares to the competition.

Max. GCWR (lbs)
2020 Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra HD 350043,500 lbs
2019/2020 Ram HD 3500 / 4500 43,000 lbs
2020 Ford Super Duty F-45045,300 lbs (*unofficial)

GM recently made a huge gain in GCWR and maximum towing capability for their 2020 heavy duty pickup trucks. They jumped up to GCWR: 43,500 lbs and a maximum gooseneck towing of 35,500 lbs.

If you use a similar math for a 2020 Ford Super Duty, as GM used for their HD trucks, then a properly equipped 2020 F-450 2WD could possible tow up to 37,300 lbs trailer. Once again, this is an unofficial number.

The newest Ram HD trucks is the 3500 and 4500 classes have a GCWR of 43,000 lbs according to the FCA spec sheet.

These crazy high trailer weights are making it very difficult and pricy to get a trailer, gooseneck coupler, and a gooseneck trailer hitch/ball that are capable of handling over 30,000 lbs trailer weights.

Here are the power ratings for the new 7.3-liter gas V8.

We still no not have any indication on the new 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbo-diesel power ratings. The same goes for official payload and other towing ratings.

The 2020 Ford Super Duty trucks go on sale at the end of this year (around December 2019).