Nissan Recalls Over 91,000 Titans Due To Potential Stalling Issue

The alternator harness may have been damaged during assembly

  • The NHTSA released a safety recall report affecting 91,319 2017 – 2019 model year Nissan Titans.
  • These Titans could have a damaged alternator harness, which may cause loss of electrical power over time, and the engine to stall.
  • Electrical shorts could, in some cases, lead to an engine compartment fire.

You’ll notice weird electrical activity before the truck stalls.

Nissan issued a recall for some 91,319 light duty, gasoline-powered Titan models due to a potential alternator harness issue. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published a report Tuesday explaining the problem. According to that report, dealers were notified in late June, although owners will be notified starting today.

The recall affects Titans built between April 14, 2016 and October 8, 2018. The alternator harness on these trucks may have been damaged during installation. When the engine is lowered into the truck, the NHTSA report says, “the harness may contact the square edge of a metal frame bracket, causing the harness to pull away from its normal routing. If this occurs, the harness may become trapped against the bracket and the contact may breach its shield.”

As the wires are pulled away from their normal position, it may cause a few different problems. Owners may experience “abnormal electrical activity”, where the lights flicker or the radio goes on and off intermittently. It may also prevent the battery from charging, causing the truck to stall while driving. In extreme cases, an electrical short around the alternator harness could “result in an engine compartment thermal incident.” Yes, “thermal incident”, also known as an engine compartment fire to the rest of us.

Nissan Titan
We had a Solar Flare Nissan Titan for a 6-month long-term review, and didn’t have any issues. [Photo: Nissan]

Fixing the issue

According to the NHTSA report, “The dealer will inspect the alternator harness for proper routing and any damage.” Depending on whether the harness is actually damaged, the dealer will clip it in place where it should be. If it’s damaged, they will replace the harness free of charge.

Since the issue only affects newer Titans, most of these trucks should be under warranty. However, if your specific Titan is not under warranty, Nissan will include a statement concerning reimbursement if you fixed the issue yourself prior to the notification. Nissan labels the affected part as “HARNESS ASSY ENGINE”, with part number 24077-EZ00B.

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