Ford Expedition vs Chevy Tahoe: Full-Size SUV Sales War Is On! (Q2 2019 Sales Report)

Chevy, Ford, and Dodge are all up in a big way!

Full-size SUV Sales in the USA

Can the Ford Expedition challenge the Chevy Tahoe and the large GM SUVs for sales supremacy? It will be a long road, but Expedition sales are up 50.5% in the second quarter of 2019. Let’s break down all the latest numbers.

Ford and General Motors recently published their quarterly sales number and the results show a growing full-size SUV segment and heated competition.

GM has a dominant stronghold on the full-size truck-based SUV sales in the United States. If you combine their Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac SUV sales, they far outpace anybody else. In Q2, the Chevy Tahoe highlights its dominance with big 22.6% growth. If you combine the Tahoe and Suburban sales, the two combined for 51,208.

The Ford Expedition clocks in 21,796 SUVs sold over the same period. It’s still far away from the Chevrolet number, but if the Tahoe sales slow down and the Expedition continues this pace, then the Ford can get much closer.

The Dodge Durango also reports a very successful quarter with a 21.1% improvement. The Nissan Armada and Toyota Sequoia both struggled for sales with -4.8% and -17.6% declines respectively.

Check out all the numbers below.

Full-Size SUV sales – Q2 2019

Q2 2019Q2 19/18 %YTD 2019YTD 19/18 %
Chevrolet Tahoe32,94222.6%53,7956.5%
Ford Expedition21,79650.5%43,56956.0%
GMC Yukon/XL20,0232.6%34,9701.3%
Dodge Durango19,97221.1%36,99113 %
Chevrolet Suburban18,26620.7%29,295-1.9%
Nissan Armada8,912-4.8%18,7131.5%
Toyota Sequoia2,154-17.6%4,564-16.1%