Can We Build A Better Raptor? Ram Rebel Rouser Project – Ep.1 (Video)

Ram Rebel Rouser project truck
Ram Rebel Rouser project truck

We are kicking off our exciting new Ram Rebel Rouser project truck series. As you may already know, we purchased a 2019 Ram Rebel crew cab 4×4 in late 2018. The truck is equipped with a 5.7-liter V8 and an eTorque mild hybrid system. We specifically chose a truck with steel coil springs, and not air suspension, as this will make further modifications easier.

Ram Rebel Rouser

The goal of the project is to make the truck more capable and cooler looking. We all know that the Rebel is not really meant to compete against the Ford Raptor, but what we have big plans for the Rouser project. Can we build a truck that is cooler and/or better than the Raptor? We will show you this over the next several weeks, as we make stage 1 and stage 2 upgrades.

Project Stage 1

The plan is to use many available Mopar performance parts and accessories to get the truck louder, meaner, and cooler. We are planning to install Mopar performance air intake and exhaust systems. We are installing new off-road steel side steps, a sport bar in the back with additional LED off-road lights, and beadlock-capable off-road wheels.

Project Stage 2

There is more. We are also using Teraflex Falcon shocks with a 2-inch leveling kit to raise the front of the truck. Finally, we are planning to stuff 35-inch off-road tires under this truck. The plan is to use Toyo Open Country ATII tires.

Along the way, we will also be using help from Johnson Auto Plaza and John’s 4×4 to transform the truck.

On this episode, we take the stock Rebel up the Gold Mine Hill off-road trail to see what we have to work with. Overall, the Goodyear Duratrac tires worked really well, but we did a little damage to underneath of the truck.

We also weigh the truck, measure the interior dB sound level, measure the exterior dB of the exhaust, and measure the height of the truck.

The interior sound level is quiet at 62.2 dB. It’s one of the quieter half-ton pickup truck on the market today, even with the knobby Duratrac tires.

The new HEMI V8 is not very loud. We measured 89 dB coming out of the dual exhaust system when revving the engine and standing still.

The truck weighs 5,740 lbs with a full tank of fuel and no people inside it. We will see how much weigh we will add over the course of this project.