Holy Cow! This Ram Heavy Duty Overland Rig Comes With A Heavy Duty $400,000 Price Tag (Video)

Here is an answer to the high dollar Earth Roamer Overland RV. It’s the Adventure Truck series from Global Expedition Vehicles. The price of a fully optioned off-road RV is approaching $400,000. Take a look at everything you get here.

The two 4×4 rigs shown here are based on the Ram HD 5500 chassis. The trucks are lifted and ride on 40-inch tall tires. Up front are the steel bumpers and a snorkel air intake by AEV (American Expedition Vehicles). The body of the motorhome is a molded unit that comes in two sizes.

The two-door Adventure Truck has a price of around $248,000. The much larger four-door XT version will approach the $400,000 mark.

Adventure Truck (photo: AT)

Inside is a bed for two, with an option to sleep a third person. The Cummins-diesel powered truck offers all comforts of a compete motorhome, including: heating, AC, water, bathroom, and more. The roof-mounted solar panels provide enough juice to run many of the accessories. If more power or heat are needed, then the diesel heater or engine come into play as well. There is a maximum capacity of 102 gallons of fuel on board.

These trucks have plenty of clearance and capability to go off the beaten path. How do they compare to the Earth Roamer? Here is a Ford F-550 XV-LTS that comes with a $500,000 price tag.

Take a detailed look at the two-door Adventure Truck and the four-door XT model in the video below.