Ram vs GMC vs Ford vs Honda: What’s the Best New & Fancy Tailgate? No, You’re Wrong! Ep. 3

With the reveal of the new Ram multifunction tailgate, it seems like lots of clever engineering is pouring into tailgates these days, but which is the smartest?

Ram, GMC, and Honda are the three automakers that now offer a tailgate that doesn’t just drop down like traditional tailgates have for years. And of course, Ford still has its tailgate step.

At the 2019 Chicago Auto Show, we took the time to put each one of these innovative tailgates to the test, and compared all the features.

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Ford’s tailgate trick is not exactly like the others, with a large step built into the back with a handle that folds up to help with ingress and egress. Ford still hasn’t tried to do anything with different hinges or other ways of opening. But now that the other two big US competitors have new tailgates, we’ll have to see if the F-150 responds.

At Ram, the new multifunction tailgate splits into two swinging doors that allow you to get nice and close to your bed, while the GMC Sierra offers a small cutout in its Multipro tailgate that allows for multiple different setups, including a wide step, work bench and more.

And then you have the Honda Ridgeline, the first of these three to offer an innovative tailgate design. On the Ridgeline, the tailgate is side-hinged and can swing open, and it offers a great storage spot with a hidden trunk at the rear of the bed.

Which of these three tailgates do you think is the most clever? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to watch the video to see all of them in action.