Valeo Unveils the “Invisible Trailer”: Ever Wonder What Behind Your Trailer When Towing?

Have you ever wondered what’s right behind your trailer when towing? Valeo unveils a feature they call the “Invisible Trailer System”. It’s a camera overlay that combines two video feeds into one to let you see what’s behind the trailer in a seamless way. Here is everything about it.

(photo: Valeo)

Valeo unveils the new camera view system at the 2019 CES event that is currently going on in Las Vegas, NV. The system takes two separate video feeds: one from the back of a truck or a towing vehicle, and another from a camera on the rear of the trailer. The software overlays the two feeds on top of each other in a seamless way. The perspective, details, and image framing match up so close that the trailer seemingly disappears from view.

Many new trucks currently offer a wired or wireless trailer camera systems. It’s a way to add and connect an additional (optional) camera to the back of the trailer (and/or inside the trailer). However, no production truck currently offers this way to combine two video feeds into one.

Here is a 2017 Ford F-350 with up to seven on-board cameras. It has the ability to add a wired trailer camera. Other new trucks such as the 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 & GMC Sierra 1500 also have the same ability. It would be great if mainstream manufacturers could incorporate the “invisible trailer” feature into future trucks (assuming the government regulations still allow camera access while moving).

Currently, GM and Ram offer a way for the driver to access a rear camera feed for under 6-7 seconds while moving. This is enough time to check your trailer connection, what’s behind you, or what’s in your bed (if a truck is so equipped). The camera cannot remain on for longer as it can become dis

Here is a video from Valeo that shows exactly how the new video overlay “invisible trailer” works.