Ford Ranger to Offer Full Line of Accessories From Major Aftermarket Company

When the new Ford Ranger is available in dealerships early next year, it will have a full line of accessories already waiting to be purchased. 

Ford has teamed up with aftermarket giant Yakima and will offer at least 150 different accessories for the midsize Ranger. Things like bed racks, tow hooks, tents, and paddle board carriers will all be available through the Ford dealer, and maybe best of all, the cost of these accessories can be added to the vehicle financing deal.

You can see the entire list of accessories from Yakima for the Ford Ranger by clicking here. 

All the accessories also come with a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty, just like the truck, and extended warranty contracts will be available.

Aftermarket suppliers account for roughly $22 billion of spending each year, so Ford is trying to bring a piece of that pie in house. And since midsize trucks so often are vehicles purchased to fit a certain lifestyle, such as for an outdoorsman, it makes sense to offer so many choices to Ranger customers.


“We know our customers see their vehicles as extensions of themselves,” said Eric Cin, global director, Vehicle Personalization. “With the addition of Yakima accessories, Ford aims to enhance the experiences of adventure-driven customers by delivering innovative solutions such as truck bed racks that preserve cargo space by lifting kayaks, bikes and skis off the floor of the bed. It’s about making each adventure better.”

The Ford Ranger is already being built an it will cost $25,895 to start. Once loaded up with all of the options though and this truck will top out and a little more than $40,000.