Is an Electric RV Feasible? Here is a Concept from Eoorja – What Do You Think?

This proposed electric RV from Eoorja is a (poorly) photo-shopped GMC motorhome with a Chevrolet Camaro front end.

The idea of an electric RV is interesting, given the scale of the vehicle verses the current limitations of electricity. One of the biggest challenges for electric vehicles is range. Sure, several companies are developing electric trucks for city deliveries and, recently, long range haulers – but an electric RV combines the needs of both a long range vehicle and a daily driver.

Motor homes require power for every home-like appliance, (refrigerator, air conditioning, microwave – etc.) and the power to pick up and move to off-the-grid locations. The whole point of an RV is to have the capability to get away. On top of that, the ability to tow is important too.

One of the most successful and iconic RVs in recent history is the GMC Motorhome built from 1973 to 1978 in Pontiac, Michigan, USA. It was revolutionary for the time as it was front-wheel drive, powered by a 455 cu-in V8 and later, a more thrifty 403. It sat low to the ground and was considered one of the best handling RVs in production. The GMC Motorhome is sought after today as both a collector’s vehicle and a potential restoration.

Over 12,000 GMC Motorhomes were built.

A company based in Union City, California named Eoorja says they want to make an electric motorhome out of a GMC Motorhome platform. They have a webpage, a few images (which has a photo of the front of a GMC Motorhome photo-shopped with a modern Chevrolet Camaro’s nose – which is pretty obvious) and they have a lot to say about the money-making potential of their project.

“We are a RV manufacturer producing a totally new version of a 40 year old design. This design will bring back to the market what an RV was designed to be, a mobile vehicle that provides all the comforts of home in a Mobil platform.” – – Eoorja

You can go to their website (here).

Trucks from Tesla, Workhorse, Atlis, Nikola and several known automakers are beginning to make the scene with serious numbers that (in many ways “could”) out perform their gas/diesel competition. There is nothing on the Eoorja website to suggest what type of technology they propose on using or who they may partner with.

“Today a class A motor home is a large bus this is fine if you want to drive your apartment on wheels. The general public is not readily available to handle a large bus. Think of New York traffic at rush hour. There are over 500k class A Rvs on the road this yr driven by people not equipped to handle that much volume.

The product we are producing is an rv recreation of the GMC motor home from the late 70s. The difference aside from the outward appearance is that ours will be the first electric unit on the market. It will have a number of unique upgrades to make it stand apart from the current Rv class a marketplace.” – – Eoorja

While it’s intriguing to think of future electric RVs buzzing all over the country, there’s a lot that needs to happen before we see one. What did you think?

Nathan Adlen
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