Elon Musk Says the Tesla Pickup Truck is Still Coming, and We Have a Few Insane Details

tesla pickup truck rendering
Tesla pickup truck rendering

Tesla is certainly working on an all-electric pickup truck behind the scenes, and CEO Elon Musk recently brought it up again. 

In an interview released on Aug.17 2018 in a Youtube video, Musk told a reporter once again that Tesla is working on a pickup truck, along with its larger Semi truck cousin. The biggest issue holding the truck back according to Musk is not engineering power, but manufacturing capability.

TFLTruck’s inside man on EVs is Anton Wahlman, and besides pointing out the interview, he has learned some tantalizing new details on the Tesla pickup truck. A new factory to exclusively build the truck, according to Wahlman, would cost about $2 billion, and at the moment, Tesla does not seem to have the money.

That large issue aside, if Tesla can build a factory for its truck, it would take at least two years to be up and running, not to mention the three years it would take to develop the production vehicle. Thanks to these factors, Wahlman says we are at least five years away from seeing a Tesla pickup on the roads.

But, in typical Tesla fashion, that timeline won’t stop the brand from likely rolling out a concept sometime in the next six months. Expect the same Tesla family styling that is to be expected from the brand, along with some insanse stats.

How insane? How about 0-60 mph in under three seconds and a torque rating of 14,000 lb-ft. Of course it will just be a concept, but with electric power, those stats don’t seem far fetched.

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