Rumor: 2019 Ram 1500 May Start Get 6’4″ RamBox Starting This Fall

Reported supplier issues have slowed down Rambox production.

2019 Ram 1500. [Photo: FCA]

A recent report from 5thGenRams Forums suggests FCA may start producing the 6’4″ Rambox this fall.

One of the questions we most frequently receive about the 2019 Ram 1500 is when the Rambox will be available. Just two days ago, in fact, we received this e-mail from a TFLtruck reader on the matter:

“Hi guys,

I took a 2019 Ram 1500 for a test drive this past weekend. It was my second test drive in a Ram, the first was a few months ago, but this time I drove one with the e-Torque engine. I found it to be pretty seamless. I sat down with the sales people to spec out a Ram for special order, but was surprised to hear them tell me that Ram boxes aren’t available on the 6’4” bed.

I’ve seen them on 6 foot beds in the past, so I was confused. I really like the idea of the extra storage and it is one of the features that I thought was going to help me decide on a Ram over some of the other competitors out there. Can you confirm that this lack of Ram box availability on the longer box is accurate? I haven’t been able to answer this question via online searching.”

Rumor: 2019 Ram 1500 May Start Get 6'4" RamBox Starting This Fall
2019 Ram 1500 RamBox. [Photo: FCA]

6’4″ RamBoxes are coming, while 5’7″ Ramboxes wait to ship

While there is no official news out of Ram, there are some new rumors floating around. 5thGenRams reports that production on the 6’4″ RamBoxes will start this fall. That’s according to an industry insider. While you can currently order the RamBox as a $995 option on the 5’7″ Crew Cab, it’s unavailable on Quad Cab models, which are only available with the 6’4″ box.

Production for the shorter RamBox started in early July, but Ram have reportedly built few trucks with the RamBox equipped. 5thGenRams forum members also report that their trucks have been built, but haven’t shipped due to a national railcar shortage. The forum also reports issues with RamBox production on the supplier side, but haven’t been able to confirm the rumor.

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