July 2018 Full-Size Truck Sales: F-Series Keeps Steaming Ahead, While Tundra Sales Slip (Report)

Chevy and GMC will report their next round of truck sales in October.

Another month has passed, and with it another round of full-size trucks leave dealer lots. Here’s the July 2018 full-size truck sales report.

Ford continues to lead the U.S. full-size truck segment be a comfortable margin. We’re halfway through the year, and Ford has crested 500,000 truck sales. Will the F-Series top 1 million this year?

General Motors reports their sales quarterly, so there’s no new data available on Chevy Silverado or GMC Sierra sales. However, with the launch of the 2019 models looming, we suspect sales will pick up heading into the third quarter. To date, GM has sold 391,948 through June 2018, the last month for which numbers are available.

Ram did gain some sales in July, with total figures up one percent over where they were in 2017. Momentum has slowed a bit from last year, as total sales in 2018 are down 6 percent. As Ram continues to push production of the all-new Ram 1500, will their sales figures increase in August? We’ll have to wait and see.

Finally, the Toyota Tundra hangs on to its lead over the Nissan Titan, but sales slipped 10 percent in June. Toyota moved 9,478 trucks during the month, as their Daily Selling Rate (DSR) for the Tundra dropped by 6.4 percent. However, over the whole year so far, sales of the Tundra have picked up by 1.7 percent compared to this point in 2017.

While the Nissan Titan’s sales picked up this July over 2017, its total sales continue to slip. Over the whole year, Nissan moved 3.5 percent fewer Titans than through July 2017.

2018 July Sales – Full-Size Pickup Trucks

Jun 2018 # Jul 2018/2017 YTD 2018 # YTD 2018/2017 %
Ford F-Series 70,949 2.1% 522,087 4.6%
Ram 40,276 1.0% 273,815 -6.0%
Toyota Tundra 9,478 -10.1% 65,270 1.7%
Nissan Titan 3,977 4.9% 27,271 -3.5%
Chevrolet Silverado N/A* N/A* N/A* N/A*
GMC Sierra N/A* N/A* N/A* N/A*

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