Old vs. OIder: Chevy K10 Big Green vs Dodgezilla in the Rocky Mountain Mud (Video)

1994 dodge ram 1500 chevy 1500 k10
Dodgezilla 1500 vs Big Green K10

Which old pickup truck is more fun or more capable on a tough muddy trail? Is it MrTruck’s 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 “Dodgezilla” or our project 1985 Chevy K10 “Big Green”. We don’t get much mud in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, so we jump at every opportunity to get our trucks dirty when the rare rain comes down.

Dodgezilla is a regular cab short bed with a combination of a suspension and a body lift. Basically, there is added space between the axles and the frame, and added space between the cab/bed and the frame. MrTruck.com did a lot of work to bring the truck to the condition you see here. The 318 cu-in V8 and the automatic transmission had to be completely reworked. Steering, suspension, and body also received new components. The 4×4 and low-range in Dodgezilla are now in working shape as well.

Big Green had a recent breakdown. The throttle-body fuel injection pump failed while we were driving to the mountain trail. We think it was related to us mounting the pump in the wrong/horizontal orientation. We replaced the pump and got the truck running again. The pump is feed the new Chevy Performance high-performance 350 cu-in V8 (aka. ZZ6). This engine’s rating stands at around 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque.  The original four-speed manual transmission (with the “granny” first gear) is there. Big Green has a very basic 4-inch suspension lift with block spacers.

Which truck rides rougher on this trail?  Which one will make it to the end? Join the off-roading fun with the video below!