Viewer Rides: A Ford Raptor from Germany That Can Go 900 Miles With Natural Gas

ford raptor lpg cng gas natural v8 f150 germany munich
Ford Raptor with LPG/CNG system (photo: Rene S.)

What if your first-generation 6.2L V8 Ford Raptor could travel around 900 miles on a single tank of fuel (actually a dual tank fuel system)? Rene S. sends us the images and the story about his personal F-150 Raptor with an LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) system from Munich, Germany.

Rene writes:

You videos about your blue Raptor made me buy my own. Since two years now, I’m a happy owner of a 2013 Raptor here in Germany. I liked the post about the European RAM 1500 from Czech Republic. It is true that most of the U.S. trucks here in Europe use LPG because of the price. At the moment, we pay 0.4-0.6 EURO per liter of LPG, which is approximately equivalent to $2.34 USD per gallon (including tax). A gallon of regular gasoline costs around $5.12 USD (including tax) in Germany.

You know better than me that the 6.2L V8 in the Raptor is not a wonder of fuel economy. The guy with the RAM 1500 replaced his spare tire with an LPG tank. I’m driving a Raptor, so I needed something larger and installed a 53 gallon LPG tank in my bed (see the pic below). With a full tank of LPG, I can drive almost 500 miles. Plus another 400 miles with a full tank of regular gas (36 gallon tank). It turns my Raptor into a perfect “alien invasion getaway vehicle” or a perfect long-range ride.

We have tested other LPG (or CNG – Compressed Natural Gas) pickup trucks [see video below], but we have never seen a Raptor that was converted to LPG. Many commercial fleet customers in the U.S. use CNG-powered trucks because of the fuel cost/savings. It’s much less common to see an individual with a CNG truck.

(53 gallon LPG/CNG tank)

Rene also writes about taking his Raptor to a car wash…

Some years ago I followed your reviews about the Raptor. I always kept in my mind: “You cannot wash a Raptor in an automatic car wash” from one of your original Raptor reviews. ( Well, today I was able to prove this wrong. 🙂 See images below.


Here is a quick Old vs. New Ford Raptor drag race.

Here is our acceleration test of a Ford F-150 that can run on regular gasoline or CNG (compressed natural gas).