Diesel Truck Dyno Day: Regular Guys Go For Big Horsepower and Torque Numbers (Video)

dodge ram cummins race-ready truck dyno power day
Dodge Ram Cummins race-ready truck

It’s time for the annual dyno day at the ATS Diesel shop in Colorado. This is a place for diesel truck builders from around the state and the country to come together and see how powerful their trucks really are. This includes truck from dedicated diesel shops and regular guys with modified trucks.

The upgrades range from mild to wild. Some guys are using simple air intake and exhaust system upgrades in combination with an engine and transmission management tune. While others feature extensive modifications with a dual-compound or triple turbo systems and fully re-built engines and transmissions.

I got a chance to speak with a few of the owners and drivers as they put their truck on the Mustang dynamometer.

Join the friendly competition in the video below.