Rare Truck Find: 1987 Dodge Ram Charger with Cummins Diesel 1-Ton Conversion for How Much?

1987 dodge ram charger cummins diesel conversion
1987 Dodge Ram Charger with Cummins Diesel conversion (photo credit: seller)

You will likely agree that this 1987 Dodge Ram Charger SUV with a Cummins turbo-diesel and a one-ton chassis conversion is a unique are rare truck. There are not many Ram Chargers left, there are fewer still that have not rusted to bits, but how many have a Cummins turbo-diesel conversion with one-ton axles and chassis upgrades?

TFLtruck team was up in Dillon, Colorado for a recent Ike Gauntlet™ towing test, and we noticed an interesting snow plow truck pass us in town with a slight puff of black diesel smoke. It naturally caught our full attention. Turns out this truck is for sale. The already reduced asking price may surprise you, but here is a list of modifications (according to the seller).

Note: TFLtruck has no relation to the seller/owner of this vehicle or people who worked on it. 1987 Dodge Ram Charger for sale ad is linked.

-93 W350 12 valve Cummin’s conversion with an auto trans
-With one-ton running gear all around
-Dana 60/70 axles
-4×4 with locker hubs
-The cummins is still at the factory settings with all the seals in place.
-18″ oem dodge rims
-All new front end steering components
-Air ride all around
-New diamond eye 4″ exhaust
-Brand new Dodge Ruby red paint job.
-New heater core plug n go system with 50 ft of retractable cord for winter.
-Full tow package
-Brand new front grill
-All new seals when converted so this truck does not leak a drop of anything!!!
-New HD Tow hooks in front end
-Rotella synthetic oil only
-Well takin care of Cummins and super dependable driver
-Sounds like a semi Driving down the road!!!
-New front end u-joints
-New bosch injectors
-New hd fuel pin
-Brand new 15% tint all the way around the truck including windshield sun visor

The seller is asking for a $20,000 and reasonable offers are welcome.