Will the Next Jeep Scrambler Pickup Tow Up To 6,500 lbs? Another Leaked Document

2019 Jeep Scrambler pickup prototype towing (photo credit: 4Wheeler)

Will the upcoming Jeep Scrambler pickup truck be able to tow up to 6,500 lbs? Yes, according to the leaked SAE J2807 documentation that published at JL Wrangler Forums.

(image: JL Wrangler Forums)

GVWR     | Payload

JT Scrambler Base (3.6L):                       6,075 lbs | 1,400 lbs
JT Scrambler Premium (3.6L):              6,075 lbs | 1,100 lbs
JT Scrambler Base (3.0L Diesel):          6,500 lbs | 1,400 lbs
JT Scrambler Premium (3.0L Diesel): 6,300 lbs | 1,100 lbs

This information sheds lights on the GVWR, GCWR, payload, and maximum towing ratings. It also shows just two engine options: 3.6L gas V6 and 3.0L turbo-diesel V6. There is no mention of the 2.0L turbo gas engine that is described in the leaked JL Wrangler owner’s manual.

The 6,500 lbs max towing rating is just above that of the current Toyota Tacoma (6,400 lbs), but it’s lower than the midsize towing leaders (Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon). The GM pickups are rated at up to 7,700 lbs of max towing in 2WD configuration.

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