Can You Get Additional 4 MPG in a Ram 1500 EcoDiesel with Custom Aerodynamics? (Video)

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Ram 1500 EcoDiesel with custom aero for better MPG

Is it possible to considerably improve your truck’s fuel efficiency? If you ask Mark, the answer is a resounding – Yes! Mark spent a little over $200 and a lot of research and testing time to come up with his version of a customized aerodynamic package for his 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel.

Mark’s truck is a QuadCab 4×4 with an EPA highway rating of 27 MPG (19/27/22 MPG city/highway/combined). He does a lot of cross-country highway driving, and he recorded real-world highway fuel economy between 28-29 MPG. This is already very respectable for a full-size truck with a 4WD system. It was not enough for Mark.

He added underbody “belly pans” and skid plates to smooth out the airflow under the truck. Next was a custom-made bed topper that Mark built out of foam and plywood. The teardrop shape extends about a foot and a half past the tailgate.

Mark is reporting real-world highway efficiency between 31-32 MPG after his modifications. We were not able to verify this on our 100-mile highway loop, but Mark’s results are thought provoking to say the least. Ram already offers an air suspension system that lowers the truck at highway speeds for better aerodynamic. Why don’t truck manufacturers offer more aerodynamic devices underneath the truck? Does this add too much development and manufacturing cost? Does it complicate service or safety of the truck? We look forward to more aerodynamic advances from mainstream manufacturers.

Learn all about Mark’s truck in the video below.