New 2018 Mack Truck is Coming: Semi Truck Resurgence Across All Manufacturers!

mack semi truck 2018 new
Mack Trucks

The month of September is looking to be very important for the semi truck industry. Big Rigs are a critical part and the backbone of the American economy, and several manufacturers (established and emerging) are bringing the latest trucks to keep or gain market share.

Mack Trucks has announced an unveiling of a new highway truck on September 13, 2017. They call it the “New Mack”.

Cummins recently unveiled the AEOS electric short-range “day cab” truck concept capable of 100-300 miles of range.

Tesla Motors is expected to unveil an electric semi truck with rumored range between 200 and 300 miles.

Nikola Motor Company has already shown a long-range and day cab versions of their hydrogen fuel-cell electric semi trucks.

Toyota “Project Portal” fuel-cell electric semi truck

Toyota has also shown a hydrogen fuel-cell electric truck.

2018 Freightliner Cascadia

Freightliner has the new 2018 Cascadia lineup of trucks. The on-highway long-haul trucks are great examples of the new sleeper cabin design and configuration that offers one bed, dinette, and bunk bed options.

While many of these new semi trucks are still in concept form and under development, established big rig companies such as Mack, Volvo, and Cummins are not standing still. Volvo recently unveiled a new line of VNL semi trucks, ranging from short-range day cabs to the biggest long-range sleeper cabs.

volvo supertruck concept vnl semi diesel
Volvo SuperTruck concept

The name of the game are fuel efficiency, cost of ownership, cost of operation, and safety. Manufacturers are still finding ways to improve the big turbo-diesel engine efficiency and the truck’s aerodynamics. Will most semi trucks be electrically driven soon? The wind is blowing that way, but the shift to electric propulsion will not happen overnight.

In the meantime, have fun with this 2,400 horsepower turbo-diesel International racing truck.