Report: 2020 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator to Add a Hybrid Model in 2019

2018 ford expedition electric hybrid
2018 Ford Expedition FX4

Will there be a 2020 Ford Expedition Hybrid and a Lincoln Navigator Hybrid? A recent report from Automotive News suggests that Ford will introduce a gas-electric hybrid version of their full-size SUVs during the 2019 calendar year. These large SUVs could be labeled as a late 2019 or an early 2020 models.

This is a part of Ford’s longterm vehicle electrification strategy.  The other part of the report suggests that the next 2019 Ford Escape will include a plug-in hybrid model. We were fortunate to capture what appears to be a Ford Escape gas/electric hybrid prototype testing in the Colorado mountains.

There are no powertrain details available yet for the Ford Expedition or Lincoln Navigator hybrid system. Ford’s electrification plan press release stated that a Ford F-150 hybrid model will provide adequate towing capability and an ability to serve as a mobile electricity generator.

Lincoln Navigator Concept
2018 Lincoln Navigator

It makes sense that Ford would choose a gas/electric hybrid system as the next step in the quest for more efficient propulsion, versus a higher priced plug-in hybrid, all electric, or hydrogen fuel-cell systems. The path to electrification may eventually lead us there, but the new powertrain options cannot sacrifice too much payload or towing capability in the larger SUV and pickup truck segments.

I recently explored the possibility of a 2020 Ford Raptor Hybrid pickup truck in an opinion/editorial piece. Perhaps, the F-150 pickup truck and the large SUVs that are closely based on the F-150 will share the same or very similar hybrid powertrain? Once again, this is speculation as details about the propulsion system have not been released.

Here is what think is a 2019 Ford Escape hybrid prototype.