Which Heavy Duty Gas V8 is the Best for Towing? Ford 6.2L vs GM 6.0L vs Ram 6.4L? (Ask TFLtruck)

2017 chevy silverado 2500 hd ford f250 ram gas v8 hemi
Chevy vs Ford vs Ram HD gas V8s

Will sends us a very direct question: which heavy gas V8 is the best for towing a fifth wheel trailer? This is precisely why we run these trucks on the Ike Gauntlet™ (world’s toughest towing test), highway mpg loops, acceleration tests, and much more.

Here is Will’s question:

If you can’t afford a diesel, which is the best [heavy duty] gas truck to pull a fifth wheel?
– Ford 6.2L V8
– Chevy/GMC 6.0L V8
– Ram 6.4L V8
Power Torque Transmission
Ford 6.2L V8 385 hp @ 5,750 rpm 430 lb-ft @ 3,800 rpm 6-speed Auto
GM 6.0L V8 360 hp @ 5,400 rpm 380 lb-ft @ 4,200 rpm 6-speed Auto
Ram 6.4L V8 410 hp @ 5,600 rpm 429 lb-ft @ 4,000 rpm 6-speed Auto

We recently tested the Chevy 2500 HD and the Ram 2500 HD on the “Super” Ike Gauntlet, each towing a different trailer. We have not tested the new Ford 6.2L V8 there yet. However, the Ford F-250 ran a 7.86 sec 0-60 MPH at our test track at a mile above sea level. This was the quickest truck in the 3/4 segment that we have tested.

Bottom line is: we are not able to test reliability of a truck or its engine and major components.  We only get to drive them for about one to two weeks. We don’t know how reliable Ford’s new TorqueShift-G transmission will be, but the Ford 6.2L V8 is the torquiest engine here. The torque comes in early. We cannot wait to complete the highway MPG and Ike Gauntlet tests.

Please help us with reliability stories for each engine in the comments below.

Check out this “simultaneous acceleration” test featuring the 2017 Silverado 2500 HD with the 6.0L V8 and the 2017 Ram 2500 HD with the 6.4L HEMI V8.