Chevy, Dodge Ram, or Ford? We Drag Race Our Project Trucks! (Video)

big green chevy k10 ford f250 highboy dodge ram 1500 drag race old fun
Chevy, Dodge Ram, or Ford?

Race them if you got them! You may have seen our project trucks before. We have been working on our 1985 Chevy K10 “Big Green” truck for many months. Tommy recently purchased a 1974 Ford F250 Highboy “Rusty Boy“. Kent “Mr.Truck” Sundling has been wrenching on his 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 “Dodgezilla Overkill” for some time as well.

All three trucks are classic American metal, and all of them are not without problems. Tommy’s Ford has a worn-out camshaft and a transmission that is slipping. Mr.Truck’s Dodge has a fully rebuilt transmission and many other components, but the old 318 cu-in V8 is having some fuel delivery issues.

Big Green has been an extensive project. We partnered with Chevy Performance, MagnaFlow exhaust, and Summit Racing to build one badass truck. We swapped out the engine. It’s now a high performance 350 cu-in ZZ6 V8 with FiTech throttle-body fuel injection from Summit Racing. However, we still need to adjust the mounting of the high-pressure fuel pump and let the fuel injection system learn the new engine.

Join the fun in video!