Is This Ram 1200 for Dubai a Preview of a Midsize Ram Truck for the United States?


Based on the Mitsubishi L200 platform, the Ram 1200 is aimed at the midsize pickup truck market in the middle east. This truck will give FCA a much-needed presence in this market. It may lay the groundwork for an eventual entrance into the North American midsize truck market as well.

Editor’s Note: It’s worth mentioning that the Ram 1200 press release was published on FCA’s North American website.

“The launch of this metric ton pickup truck is the next step in our expansion of the Ram brand,” said Robert J. Hegbloom, Head of Ram Brand International, FCA US LLC. “This is all part of our plan to develop a solid strategy to expand the Ram Truck brand’s presence in key markets outside of North America.

The Ram 1200 has a maximum height of 1,775 mm (69.9″) and is up to 1,785 mm wide (70.2″), The Ram 1200 has a 3,000 mm (118.1″) wheelbase across the board. Overall length is 5,245 mm (206.4″) for the Single Cab and 5,370 mm (211.4″) for the Double Cab. The length of the cargo bed depends on the configuration. The Single Cab is 2,265 mm (89.1″), and 1,520 mm (59.8″) for the Double Cab.

“Our unique brand identity and the breadth of our portfolio will be the keys to unlock the growth of the Ram Truck brand around the world,” said Hegbloom.

Editor’s Note: It may also be the case that the North American version of the midsize Ram truck will be based on the Fiat Toro.

2017 fiat toro
Fiat Toro

The Ram 1200 will launch in 2017 in both Single and Double Cab configurations, with three trim levels and a variety of gasoline and diesel engines. The Ram 1200 can tow up to 3 metric tons (6,613.87 lbs).

Currently, the Ram 1200 has two power-plants. The 2.5-liter diesel makes between 126 and 134 horsepower and the 2.4-liter gas engine makes 130 hp. There are no torque numbers available through FCA; however, the Mitsubishi L200 sold in the UK makes around 200 lbs-feet of torque. If this vehicle is to be sold in the United States, these numbers will (most likely) be much higher. A six speed manual or automatic will be available as well.

“The new Ram 1200 allows us to enter a segment where we haven’t previously competed, and into a critical market encompassing 90 percent of the total pickup truck volume in the region,” said Maurizio Zuares, CEO of FCA Middle East. “We believe there is a clear opportunity for a highly capable product like the Ram 1200 here in the Middle East.”

Ram rolled out the 1500 Limited and 1500 Rebel along with the Ram 1200 for middle eastern consumers. Currently, the Ram 1200 will have eight variants, but that number will increase to 17 options for next year.

FCA/Ram has not announced pricing or when the vehicle(s) will be available.

Speaking of possible future Ram trucks…

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