Mazda and Isuzu Extend a Partnership to Build Midsize Pickups, But Not for the U.S.

2017 isuzu d-max midsize pickup mazda

Mazda Motor Corporation and Isuzu Motors Limited have entered into an agreement to build a pickup truck that will give Mazda a truck to fortify their lineup and Isuzu an opportunity to expand their manufacturing abilities. Both automakers already have an agreement of cooperation and the Mazda BT-50 is the result, but this agreement deepens the partnership into the future.

“HIROSHIMA and FUJISAWA Japan – Mazda Motor Corporation (hereafter “Mazda”) and Isuzu Motors Limited (hereafter “Isuzu”) have reached a basic agreement on next-generation pick-up truck collaboration, allowing Isuzu to enhance its product competitiveness and Mazda to strengthen its product line-up and maintain own-brand market coverage. Isuzu will produce next-generation pick-up trucks for Mazda, based on Isuzu’s pick-up truck model. Mazda and Isuzu have developed a collaborative relationship for more than 10 years, with Isuzu producing for Mazda trucks for the Japanese market. This agreement reinforces the continuous long-term relationship between Mazda and Isuzu.”

It is doubtful that Mazda will use their own drive-trains for this upcoming pickup tuck.

Here is a look at the current generation of the Mazda BT-50 midsize pickup truck.

There is no word on whether the upcoming Mazda Pickup truck heading to the United States. While Mazda once sold pickup trucks in the USA, and their fleet is lacking anything like a truck in their U.S. fleet; it’s doubtful that either company would Federalize a pickup truck for America.

Speaking of small diesel pickup trucks…

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