Should the Jeep Wrangler move to TFLtruck? [Reader Poll]


Just mention “The Debate” around the TFL office and the watch eyes roll and heads fall back. The question of whether or not the Jeep Wrangler would be of more interest to TFLcar readers or TFLtruck readers – and thus, on which site it should reside – has been a back and forth that has merit from proponents on both sides. Full disclosure: I would like to see it on TFLtruck, but I will try not to let my own feelings sway my presentation of the facts.

First of all is the question of how to define a truck. It has long been TFL policy to include anything that has a bed, such as the upcoming Honda Ridgeline, body-on-frame vehicles, such as most “real trucks”, and body-on frame SUVs that are large enough to tow and haul a decent amount of weight. The exact amount has not been precisely defined but a Suburban’s capacity to tow qualifies it for TFLtruck whereas a Wrangler’s does not. These criteria are “or”, rather than “and”, requirements, meaning satisfying one of them is usually enough. I say “usually” because there is a fourth criteria that muddies the waters… common sense. We would not include the Ford Ranchero on TFLtruck although it is body-on-frame and has a bed. While the Wrangler utilizes body-on-frame construction, it has historically been relegated to TFLcar because “it just isn’t a truck”. Well, it isn’t exactly a car, either. So let’s invoke the common sense criteria. In addition to the Wrangler having body-on-frame construction but no bed or exceptional towing or hauling ability, it does have excellent off-road capabilities… something commonly associated with trucks.


You want even more to think about? There will be an upcoming Wrangler-based pickup. That will certainly be on TFLtruck. So should a Wrangler enthusiast be expected to visit TFLtruck for Wrangler pickup news and videos and head over to TFLcar for Wrangler SUV content? As you can see, there are points to be made on both sides of the argument and after much back and forth we are reaching out to you. Let us know what you think about where the classic Wrangler should reside, TFLcar (its current home) or TFLtruck, via the poll and comments section below.

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