Midsize Truck Market is on Fire, Tacoma Still Riding the Wave [Sales Report]


The midsize truck market was red hot for April, with every single truck in the segment seeing double-digit sales growth in same month sales vs. last year as well as year-to-date sales. The Tacoma has taken the crown once again with the competitors falling in to their usual places on the chart. For the second month in a row the Chevy Colorado has seen growth in the 40% range compared to April 2015.

So what’s driving the demand for midsize pickups? Is it low gas prices across the country? Although currently on the rise, the cost of fuel is expected to remain relatively low for the remainder of the year. Perhaps consumers are opting for smaller, more maneuverable trucks that suit their lifestyles (and garages) now that Toyota and GM both have new offerings that are still fresh. Although the Frontier is hanging in there, it’s time for Nissan to update it. During a recent week spent testing one, the interior and drivetrain were noticeably lagging behind the rest. With the Honda Ridgeline soon entering the mix, the segment will only get more competitive. Although the standard front-wheel-drive truck is receiving less-than-loving comments on our website and youtube channel, it also has some supporters who see the benefit of such a truck.

Midsize Trucks – April 2016 Sales Chart

Apr 2016 # Apr ’16 / ’15 % YTD 2016 # YTD ’16 / ’15 %
Toyota Tacoma 18,106 15.6% 62,682 13.3%
Chevy Colorado 10,362 47.8% 32,982 26.2%
Nissan Frontier  7,509 28.9% 28,904 15.9%
GMC Canyon 3,026 24.4% 10,603 10.6%


TFL’s Roman Mica will have a chance to drive the new Ridgeline THIS WEEK and we’ll be bringing you video of his first drive just as soon as we can upload it. Until then, say goodbye to winter in one of our last videos to contain snow for (hopefully) quite a while.