Ford and GM Neck and Neck in April Full-Size Truck Deliveries [Sales Report]

Ford Raptor Chevy Silverado Midnight

The manufacturers have released sales data from April and in the “no big surprises here” file, the Ford F-Series takes the crown yet again. That’s not to say Ford can relax, however, as GM is nipping at its heels with the Silverado and Sierra combining to come within 253 units of the champ.

The Nissan Titan is still in last place but the new Titan XD and yet-to-be revealed Titan half-ton might have potential to overcome the aging Tundra. Andre and Nathan recently had a chance to test the new Endurance 5.6L gasoline V8 in the Nissan Titan XD. The same engine will be the top choice in the smaller and (presumably) lighter Titan half-ton. They were quite impressed with its power delivery and fuel economy during an impromptu test in Decherd, TN. Will the new Endurance V8 with its 390 horsepower and 401 lb-ft of torque be enough to eventually propel the Titan half-ton (and Titan XD, for that matter) into the fifth place spot in the sales rankings? Only time will tell but if it does, the boys in Tennessee will have just cause for celebration.

Full-size Trucks – April 2016 Sales Chart

Apr 2016 # Apr ’16 / ’15 % YTD 2016 # YTD ’16 / ’15 %
Ford F-Series  70,774 12.6%  256,895  7.0%
Chevy Silverado  49,990 8.7% 178,955  3.6%
Ram 41,079  8.3%  154,446  10.8%
GMC Sierra 20,531 13.5% 71,662 13.3%
Toyota Tundra  10,259 -4.0%  35,794 -9.2%
Nissan Titan 1,010 -2.7% 4,281  16.5%


Watch Nathan’s first driving impressions of the 5.6L gasoline V8 in the Titan XD below.